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Kitten Season is Upon Us!

Read our story about the Breakfast Litter!

Donate to Siamese Oriental and Snowshoe Cat Rescue 

Every year, thousands of Siamese Oriental and Snowshoe cats are abandoned or left homeless. At Siamese Oriental and Snowshoe Cat Rescue (a.k.a. SOS Cat Rescue), we strive to give these cats a second chance at a happy life. Your donation can help us provide food, shelter, and medical care for these cats. You can donate through a few avenues.



Donate to SOS via Venmo

Amazon Wish List

SOS Amazon Wishlist
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Chewy Wish List

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Company Matching Programs

Employee matching gift programs are programs that your company may offer to have your donation to a 501c3 organization matched.  Some of these programs offer up to $10,000 USD in matching dollars. 

There are other programs called "Dollars for Doers" where you track your volunteer time in the company software and they will give you money to give back to a charity of your choice.  Either way, this is a way to help any 501c3 gain more money for their mission.


Each company has a different way of gaining the match.  Ask your Human Resource Department on how to make your donation! 

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