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We are a small rescue needing all the donations that we can get to keep us going! We have a variety of ways you can give!   

Kitten Season is Upon Us!

Read our story about the Breakfast Litter!


At our cat rescue, we are dedicated to providing a range of essential services to feline companions in need. First and foremost, we offer a safe haven for stray and abandoned cats, providing them with shelter, nourishment, and medical attention. Our team of compassionate professionals ensures each cat receives a thorough health assessment and necessary vaccinations. Moreover, we invest time and effort into socializing and enriching their lives, helping them regain trust in humans and fellow felines. Adoption services form a crucial part of our mission, matching loving families with the perfect feline companion for a forever home. Additionally, we emphasize community outreach, promoting responsible pet ownership through educational programs and spaying/neutering initiatives to prevent overpopulation. Our commitment extends beyond adoption, as we provide post-adoption support to ensure both cats and their new families thrive together. At our cat rescue, we strive to create a better future for all our feline friends, one paw at a time.

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