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The Comfort Kitty

Comfort Kittens are cats that have been nurtured through bottle and hand feeding. Bottle feeding and intensive socialization are necessary for these kittens to be healthy, loving and people-oriented. At SOS we believe this enables these kittens to form strong bonds with human pheromones rather than those of cats. Their innate ability to sense when their human companions are distressed, upset or suffering and respond with love, distraction, purring, cuddling, or play to provide comfort. We have observed these qualities through first hand experiences and those of our adopters. The process of our comfort kitties requires a significant investment of time, love and dedication. It can be expensive due to the need for kitten milk replacement. 

We have witnessed these kittens provide great emotional support to people with wide range of challenges, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, complex PTSD, night terrors, autism, trauma, various disabilities and struggles related to military services.

When applying for a SOS Kitty be sure to check "yes" on comfort kitty question if you feel like a comfort kitty is a right fit for you. 

The Story of BoDerek 

The photo on the left is indeed one of our comfort kitties. She was acquired by one of our fosters for the small price of $5. Her previous owners intended to sell her as snake food or dog bait. 

Upon arrival, Dee, our Executive Director showered her with affection, cradling her around the neck and showing Bo that humans are capable of love. To this day BoDerek remains to be the affection cat meowing to be held on her moms shoulder. As expressed by Jenn Jones, BoDereks mom "If I am fone for any amout of time, Bo meets me at the door and when I leave she goes to the front door to watch me drive off. SHe is amazing with our other two cats (which are siamese). She runs the house and her nickname is Princess because we treat her like the Princess she is."

Other Comfort Kitty Stories

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